Advantages Of laminates


Partially made of recycled content, laminate is fantastic for people with green living on their mind. Instead of running the risk of over-mining our natural resources, recycled paper comes together to create the look of this countertop option. Another great feature with this product is the limitless upcycling possibilities. That old countertop can easily be salvaged to create a new writing surface, frame, chalkboard, magnet board, or decorative box! Plus, laminate companies such as Wilsonart offer dozens of resources when changing out your old countertops so that others have the opportunity to make them into something great too.

You don’t need surfaces in just your kitchen and bath. There are garage workshops, offices, built-ins, and playrooms to consider. This is also where you can get crazy with the funkier color and pattern choices. Go retro with a bright orange, turquoise, or green. You can even look for boomerang or confetti patterns reminiscent of the 1960’s—perfect for a workspace area or a themed room!.