At iDeal Floors we care about our community. That is why we created the iDeal Gives Back program. Each year we give back flooring to our neighbors who are in need of new flooring in their homes. Our goal this year is to give away $150,000 in flooring.
You can get more information on this program here.

We love to give back to our neighbors when they need it. Check out this letter from one of our awesome iDeal Gives Back recipients.

March 1, 2017

Dear Ideal Floors,

My name is Monique Stone and I am a recipient of your company’s carpet, padding and installation gift program this past January 2017. I learned about your program after you blessing a neighbor of my mine who has MS and I went online and applied. I have been caring for my niece who was born with her arms and legs reversed. Multiply surgery’s corrected the defect but she is still unable to walk normally. I have also have been raising my two children and put them through college successfully with the help of some grants and scholarships.

Needless to say I never had any extra money to properly change the carpet that had been in my home over the 16 years I lived there. About 5 years ago someone donated some really good used carpet only and I myself installed it. Some of it was piece-mealed but I was grateful to have something newer than my own. So I was very surprised when I got the call from Mr. Kevin only 2 weeks after I applied on line. He called to set an appointment with me to come out to my home. When he came out to my home be did not come out to scrutinize and quality me but to take measurements and get my carpet color choice. Two weeks after that I had brand new carpet and padding in my home, the first time in 16 years. The color of the carpet is beautiful, the installers were fast and professional and Mr. Kevin was a perfect representative of your company’s program. He was kind, friendly and most of all not judgmental. I am so amazed that Ideal Floors really does understand the communities’ needs and is willing to fulfill those needs unselfishly. Thank you for blessing me and my family, you made us very happy. God Bless you all.


Monique Stone